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Family Owned and Operated

"We're not here to be the biggest in the market, we just simply want to be the best!"

~ Roger Lee, Founder ~

Lee's Country RV is located in southeastern Indiana. Located in Batesville, Indiana and less than an hour from Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in towable units, especially travel trailers. We handle Crossroads RV products Z-1 and Zinger, and Skyline Nomads and Nomad Classic. We also sell the all new redesigned Layton Travel trailers. We are one stop dealer who not only sells RV’s, but also have specialized RV Financing, take trades, do consignments, service, and a nice parts store.

From Indianapolis you would get off I-74 at exit 149 AND FROM Cincinnati you would get off on exit156. Other attractions around us would be the charming town of Oldenburg, and Metamora. We also have a private campground just across the street from us, as well as a public KOA.

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Lee's Coutnry RV

RV Buying Advice from Roger Lee, President of Lee's Country RV

Travel Trailers for Sale Put your thinking cap on for a few minutes and try to imagine your dream of buying your first or next new RV. Now think about the process of the purchasing phase of this exciting journey. This is where I want you to think hard about making the process very comfortable and matter of fact, quite enjoyable. Here are some things I would like you to think about to accomplish just that.

First, here are some things our customers have told us that they do not like when shopping for their dream travel trailer or other type of RV.

Being Pressured – Not being given the correct information— lack of listening—not adequately being shown the features and benefits of the RV they are looking at—salesman having to check with their boss for a price—and the main pet peeve, the hidden fees.

Here at Lee’s Country RV you will not have to endure any of those things! When arriving at our dealership we will greet you and be more than glad to let you “JUST LOOK”, if that is what you want to do. We will point you in the right direction and let you shop your heart out. We will come out later and check on you to see if you have any questions.

We will gladly be good listeners, so as to find out exactly what it is you are looking for. We will be glad to tell you about all the features and benefits of all our units to help you find the one that works best for you. Making sure you get all the correct information you need to help you make a well informed decision is the easiest part of our job.

Our prices are clearly marked. A salesman never has to check with the boss to get you that price. Better yet, that price is the real price. No Gimmicks. No Games. No Hidden fees. Just plain ole fashion honest pricing.

Our units are all fully prepped including battery, battery box, filled LP tanks, and customer orientation. No destination charges. No freight charges. No dealer prep charges. No documentation charges. Once again, no trick, games or gimmicks.

There are so many choices as to who you decide to buy your Travel Trailer from. We hope you will take the road less traveled and buy from a dealership that will treat you like an honored guest in our home. It will make all the difference for you I’m sure.

Happy Camping,

Roger Lee, President
Lee's Country RV